Why Do Ukrainian Women Prefer Foreign Men?

Nowadays romantic tours to Ukraine are gaining more popularity. Different men all over the world are trying to visit Ukraine in order to find beautiful and loving lady for love and marriage. It’s not a secret that Slavic women conquer men’s hearts not only with beauty but also with their characters and life positions. Moreover, Ukrainian women don’t mind marrying a foreigner, even if he’s old, bald, fat man, but know how to take care of the woman.
There’s a special attitude to the foreign men in Ukraine. Slavic women love foreigners, and it’s a fact. But why do these girls prefer foreign men and want to live abroad? We would like to present some main reasons that will answer this question. 
  • Many ladies believe that Ukrainian men are so spoiled that they can’t objectively appreciate their compatriots. 
  • There are a lot of weak men that are unable to take responsibility for women and for children.
  • The alcoholism rate by country is very high.
  • One more reason is the financial distress. Ukrainian men don’t know how to earn crust, that’s why they can’t provide for a family. Finance plays an important role: abroad, particularly in Europe, the middle class is richer; people have a simpler attitude to money. And, despite the stereotypes, foreigners are not as greedy as Ukrainian men.
  • According to the poll, 20% of Ukrainian men (who are 25+) answer negatively to the question "Do you want to get marry and start a family?”. These men just don’t want to take such responsibility, are afraid of something or just don’t trust women.
  • Speaking about personal qualities, according observations, Ukrainian guys are more eager for control: they try to dictate what the girl should buy, what to do in her spare time, how to look. But talking about the foreigners, it’s important to point out that they respect your personal space and choice, they have no desire for totalitarianism in the relationship.
So is it any wonder that Ukrainian girls are ready to marry anyone who can provide happy and prosperous life. Moreover, there’s a tendency among young girls to "get married and give birth no matter what”, that’s why there are a lot of unhappy spouses in Ukraine.
Talking about men from different countries, such as Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, etc, it’s important to point out that they really admire Ukrainian girls. They appreciate Ukrainian beauty and consider Slavic women the most attractive in the world. These ladies are good house wives and great mothers, they know how to take care of husband and children, keep the house clean and economically conduct a wedlock. One more reason is that Ukrainian beauties are very sensitive, passionate and kind. They know how to support a man in any situation. These features are really appreciated by foreign men.

Why do Ukrainian women prefer living abroad?

Despite the fact, that Ukraine is picturesque country, Ukrainian women prefer to live abroad with their foreign husbands. But what is the reason of such behavior?  Actually, the first reason is the interest in husband’s homeland. For Ukrainian girl it’s very seductive to live in Europe or the US, to find some friends abroad, or just to have the opportunity of travelling. And foreigners are like a bridge to this coveted and unknown world. But those women, who have already travelled abroad for couple of times, usually don’t pay attention for foreign men, because they are the same.
The second reason for special attention fits into the thesis: "A foreign man is a priori better, more beautiful, richer and more intelligent than countryman”. It seems that foreigners are healthier, more smiling, sociable and educated. Ukrainian women consider that men from other countries are always stylish and beautifully dressed. They are well-groomed, have healthy skin, neat bristles, and white teeth. The body is athletic. Hairstyle is always fashionable.
In general, bourgeois grooms are much richer that Ukrainian one. Their average wage  starts from $3000 (USA, Canada, Australia, England, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, Finland).  Also, western suitors are much civilized and more courteous than Slavic, while on Ukrainian dating sites girls are subjected to attacks and insults of rude men. Regardless of income level, life abroad is much more comfortable and peaceful than in Ukraine; for sure the children will have much better future over there. The proof is obvious - hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are moving abroad, while any foreigner doesn’t want to move to Ukraine.