How to meet a Ukrainian lady?

The correct answer to the question "Where to meet a girl?" sounds unequivocal: anywhere. Wherever you meet a girl - there you should get acquainted. You won’t have a second chance: in our world everyone is in a hurry today, the probability of meeting again with the same person is usually minimal. Therefore, get acquainted wherever you like, do not limit specifically the place of your "hunt".

The places to meet Ukrainian women

1. Today the most common place to meet Ukrainian girl is a shopping center. We don’t know why, but girls like to go for a walk around the shopping center, go to boutiques, try something on, etc. Usually they walk slowly enough, that’s why you’ll have enough time to get acquainted. 
2. In addition to shopping centers there are also central streets of the city, where people like to just walk around. In the evening on weekdays, on weekends, especially in the warm season, you will certainly meet there crowds of single girls who have a walk. This is also a good place for acquaintance, only on such streets you will meet more often couples of girls.
3. In cities where there is a metro. Pros - there are many girls and they often go there one by one. Cons - they still usually go somewhere and can be in a rush. But such small complications give only in a positive experience: if you learn to get acquainted in the subway - everything else will be much easier.
4. Cafes, clubs, bars are also a good place for meeting someone. There is a bit more specificity here that makes your acquaintance easier - the girls come there to rest and, most likely, expect to spend here more than one hour, so that they do not usually run away at once. You have a good chance to go straight from simple acquaintance to a real date. Great plan!
5. Gyms, dance sections, fitness centers, swimming pools. Good places, especially if you consider that girls who visit such establishments, as a rule, have a good figure and are very attractive. Of course, a man will have to go in for sports. If he came to the gym or fitness center, then he should be engaged, and not just walking around and distracting girls from classes.

How to get acquainted with Ukrainian women?

1. The easiest way is to give flowers. A chic bouquet of five roses and will win any woman's heart. But it is much easier to hand over one rose. So a bouquet of five roses is better to buy separately - and you’ll have the opportunity to meet 5 girls!
2. Give her a ticket to the theater for the day after tomorrow. You can ask first. The question "What do you do the day after tomorrow in the evening?" Will leave a pleasant impression and will not affect your dignity. For tomorrow, she may have other plans, for today (especially if she is beautiful) - also. And the day after tomorrow you spend about two hours with her elbow on the elbow - if you do not win during this time, then you have difficulties in communication, and this is another problem. 
3. For this method, you must have a car, preferably a jeep of the latest model. Put him in front of the road, and walk a little back. As soon as you see the girl - just offer her a lift , probably she will agree.
4. Get a dog. A man with a dog is a dream of any woman (especially a doggie, by the way, almost all women are dog-owners, even if they do not keep dogs.) Just do not buy a pit bull, a staff, a bull terrier, or anybody in that spirit. If your dog will "eat” a lady’s dog, this is not the best way to get acquainted.
5. Buy a newspaper "My family" or something like that, read it out a bit, and then ask the girl you liked, what you need to do to start your family? Girls are very fond of advising (especially on this topic), so if you even have bought this newspaper for the first time in your life, do not be afraid to admit that you've been reading it for ten years, but so far and you need the advice.
6. It works better in the company, but it's also possible in the street. The main thing is to believe in what you're lying at. You must say that you are impotent. And then you can say that you felt something for the first time (for a year, for five or ten years) looking at the girl. A sensitive female heart will surely falter.