Main secrets that will help you understand the purpose of the girl

If you have both money and a girl at the same time, it’s very important to establish that the girl is attracted not only by the purse. Honestly, it's not that hard if you open your eyes. If you are like a Scrooge McDuck and you have a golden toilet, you still have to think about how you have attracted this girlfriend - only with your rich inner world? 
The idea that women need only money, is gaining relevance for a reason. Those representatives of the fair sex, who are looking for love, strongly refute this opinion. However, it is widespread in the modern world. The woman's mercantilism is quite a common phenomenon, which almost all men would like to avoid in their life. How can you understand that a woman needs only money from you?
A mercantile woman can be met anywhere and at absolutely any time. But mostly such representatives of the fair sex go hunting for wealthy men to certain places of the representative class, where there are more chances not waste time. It can be restaurants, expensive night clubs and casinos of a certain level. But it also happens that a woman, interested in money, can be met in the usual places. To avoid a hole in your wallet, look at simple things.

1. Behavior.

If a girl likes you, she is much more interested in the fact meeting than in the  place where the date will happen. Do you understand? If she constantly asks: "Where will you lead me?", probably, she needs your money. However, if she wants to know when you will meet, not where, it shows her sincere interest. She will equally like both McDonalds and the fashionable restaurant, as long as you are interesting for her. 

2. Her offers.

Everyone likes to go to nice places, have nice things, but constant offers to visit an expensive restaurant without trying to divide a check, means that you can afford it. Here's a test: next time, when she suggests you go to an expensive place, notice if she offers you to divide the check. If not, congratulations, you’ve found a freeloader. 

 3. Gifts.

If you are afraid that your woman needs only money, and always asks for the expensive gifts, then you should do the following: buy her something much cheaper than usual - something more sentimental. If she seems discouraged and expects something else, you understand what that means. It is necessary to separate such a woman from your bank card. 

4. Unilateral relations.

No one says that gifts are those things that should be answered: service for a service. Usually it is done from the heart. It works only when it's mutual. If you are engaged in the fact that you always give something and do not receive anything in return, then you must know: she does not love you, so you do not have to be sad, just break-up with her. Let this vampire find another victim, from which she can freely suck all the juices.
Let's try to consider the signs of a mercantile woman who is looking for the rich husband. A man can avoid the opportunity to deal with a lady of this type. If, of course, he will be able to recognize her prudence at the beginning of communication. How to understand that a woman needs only money?
1. She is a materialist. Such girls adore branded things, all kinds of expensive things, expensive gifts. 
2. On a date, she orders the most expensive drinks and food. Smart girl on the first date will not rely on your fat purse. And most women in general have a certain amount of money with them "just in case". For her in the first place is the communication with you. But the mercantile woman greedily will search the most exotic cocktail or extravagant dish in the menu.
3. Her inner world is too poor. And this, in spite of the external luxury, is conspicuous. There is practically nothing to talk about with a woman who is interested only in money. She is not interested in spiritual things. She does not think about realizing her own personality. She speaks about feelings indistinct.
4. She asks a lot about your condition. She will always ask about your apartment, car job and money. It is likely that she will ask about these things somewhat veiled. Then try to watch what you have to tell. If you talk too much about your material things in your communication, it means that it is very pleasing to your interlocutor.