The main differences in marrying Ukrainian and Asian women

Open any dating site and you will surely find a lot of ads that Asians are looking for a spouse from Ukraine. But why do these men try to find Ukrainian girls? What is crucial? The answer is simple: the beauty and intelligence of Ukrainian girls attract more and more Asian suitors, and they are not confused by regional or language differences. The number of questionnaires filed by the Asians is growing every day. However, many of them don’t forget to put forward certain requirements for the appearance of the alleged partners. And this, in principle, is normal. However, the "European standards" of some Asian men are really ridiculous.
Before starting any relationship, a man should realize the differences in marrying Ukrainian and Asian women and make up some conclusions.
1. Despite the fact that sex is often used by Ukrainian women in order to manipulate and achieve their own mercenary goals, it’s necessary underline that one night with a Ukrainian woman is enough to understand that a Asian woman, most likely, will never be able to satisfy all the male desires. Many Asian families brake up after a man has had the imprudence to taste the "sinful apple" from the hands of a Ukrainian woman. She knows her body better, she’s more relaxed and knows what a man wants. The number of frigid women in Asia is incommensurably higher, those woman will never drag a man to bed and show initiative, so a man will never leave the feeling that "a woman doesn’t want him." With the right approach, the situation can be improved, but it is so labor-intensive that any normal man sooner or later wants to find another woman, who’s more active in bed. Perhaps for older people the sexual component is no longer of decisive importance, but for young men Asian girl may not be the best choice for a rich sex life.
2. Romance. Relations with Ukrainian woman (especially before marriage) can be the best period in a man's life. Flowers, chocolate, beautiful words, passionate kisses and sincere involvement of women in this process - paradise, in general. Ukrainian woman, as a rule, gives herself completely to relationships and enjoys them as frantically as a man. But the situation is completely different with Asian women. In such relationships there’s no gentle and beautiful words, you even don’t need flowers, gifts and courtships. Everything is clear, simple and ... boring.  Asian woman will not be able to give a man necessary energy and emotions. There is no need to rush through the whole city for the sake of a rendezvous, there will be no feeling of joyful excitement from the gifts. Relations with Ukrainian women are "dashing driving on a roller coaster", and relations with the Asian girl are "measured rocking in a compartment of a train". 
3. Courage.  Ukrainian woman is more courageous than Asian woman. Modern women, of course, differ from women of the past, but still, looking at Asian girls, we can safely say that in terms of courage, Ukrainians "will put the Asian on the shoulder blades in the first round." Asian women are more cowardly and less prone to adventurous decisions, and what can be more adventurous than moving to Asia? Making a decision to build a life in a country like Japan, China, Korea, a man must commit bold and risky actions if he wants to succeed.  
4. Love and self-sacrifice. If Ukrainian woman fell in love – this is really serious and for a long time. A genuinely loving woman will follow her man anywhere and make everything for the relationship. Asian woman is not capable of such a thing. Asians are alien to many things that are an integral part of the life of Ukrainian couples. Lack of love as a phenomenon is the most unusual and difficult to realize thing of Asian society, which is difficult to understand and even more difficult to accept. What is called "love" in Asia has nothing to do with the love that exists in Ukraine. Modern psychologists say that love does not exist, and hormones answer for all the senses. Even if this is so, then we can safely say that Asian women don’t produce these hormones.
Self-sacrifice is the main attribute of love, and in Asia it has nothing in common with the creative love that is inherent in Ukrainian people. If you want to build a relationship with Asian woman, then remember that the relationship will end as soon as you face some problems. If you, for example, lose your job, then, most likely, you will also lose your Asian wife and everything that was between you, without a shadow of doubt and a minute of regret on her part.