Why should you go to Ukraine?

Today Ukraine attracts the attention of the public around the world. This is a really great country, that represents a great potential for living and have a lot of interesting places. In fact this country is unique, beautiful and interesting. Actually every year thousands of tourists from all over the world gathered here to enjoy the view of beautiful places, to appreciate the majesty of architectural buildings, to learn the secrets of the most famous monuments of history and religion. Ukrainian cities are considered the most popular tourist routes in the post-Soviet space. Nowadays most of the tourists prefer Ukraine because of different reasons:
  • Picturesque views;
  • Low prices;
  • Beautiful Girls;
  • A lot of tourist attractions;
  • Amazing night clubs, etc.
For example, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is on the "must see" list. Tourists are advised to "discover the secrets of Orthodoxy", descend into the cave and see the relics of the saints. For the landscape Ukraine is compared to a pancake, and this makes the Carpathians a real tourist "highlight". Lviv is a real heart of Ukraine. It’s famous with town halls, flavors of freshly ground coffee, tables on the street near the café, the castle, and the old-Soviet tinkling of trams.

Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies

One more reason to visit Ukraine is beautiful and charming Ukrainian women. These ladies are real symbol of beauty and elegance. They are always well groomed, have nice make-up and hair-dress. Almost all Ukrainian women are slender and don’t have problems with being overweight, very often they have a body worthy of the magazine cover for men. The average height of Ukrainian women is 160 cm, and a woman with a height of 175 can already participate in beauty contests (if the appearance allows) and be proud of her height. Only these girls can go on a trip to the mountains in miniskirts, and sexy T-shirts. However, the attention of the stronger sex and acquaintance with foreigners in such cases is ensured. And yet Ukrainian women are, as a rule, much more interesting and educated than their peers-foreigners. They can support any topic of conversation and give a few good remarks.

Night Clubs in Ukraine

Being Ukraine, you should visit Ukrainian night clubs. The point is that these establishments are full of beautiful ladies and cheap drinks. There you’ll have the opportunity to have fun and get acquainted with new interesting people. It should be point out that old institutions compete for customers with new ones, attracting them in all the available ways, that’s why very often you can face: discounts on the bar, famous DJs, invited stars, different competitions and interesting presents, contests and so on. The top of Ukrainian night clubs are:
  • Dlux. It is situated in the heart of Kiev, and it has a reach history. The building was built in 1934.
  • Skybar. If you want to enjoy not only music, but also great interior, then Skybar is the right place for you.
  • Serebro. This place is popular among Ukrainian pop-stars and other famous people.
  • Decadence House – luxury night club, which works only three times a week.
  • Ibiza – famous night club on the shore of the Black Sea.
  • Ukrainian beaches: great places for the rest
  • Talking about beaches in Ukraine, it’s necessary to underline that this country is washed by two seas: the Azov and the Black. And the access to these seas can be found in Zaporozhye, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa regions. For example, in Zaporozhye you can find not only warm Azov sea, but also a lot of therapeutic mud and mineralized groundwater. In Kherson and Odessa region there is an incredibly large selection of resorts. Tourists can choose among two seas: the Azov  And Black. In the Mykolaiv region there’s not such a great choice of resorts, but still, it is popular among foreign tourists. Here you can find such famous resorts celebrate Koblevo, Rybakovka, Ochakov, Lugovoe, Chernomorka. The city of Odessa itself is a resort, although it is difficult to call it recreational, rather for active recreation of young people. In the Odessa region there are such famous resorts as Zatoka, Carolino-Bugaz, Chernomorsk, Gribovka, Sychevka.

Ukrainian Museums

Historians believe that in the north-western Ukraine the Slavs were originated. Actually Ukraine has a rich past, that’s why you can find there a lot of interesting museums. Traveling around the country, tourists meet on their way unsurpassed in beauty historical museums, which must certainly be visited: Nevitsky Castle on the bank of the Uzh River, Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Uzhgorod and many others. Surely, they are all worth attention. Among the many famous historical museums in Ukraine there is an open-air museums, giving the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity and an old life. All museums are various and have their own theme. For example, in Ukraine you can found the museum dedicated to: shipbuilding, brewing, pharmacy, bells, etc. In general, in Ukraine there is no time to be bored.

The Low Ukrainian Prices 

Ukraine attracts attention among numerous tourists not only with a diverse entertainment program, but also with an affordable price level. Cheap, but far away - that's how European tourists react to Ukraine. Foreigners are increasingly looking towards the tourist Ukraine. According to travel agencies, the most attractive cities are Lviv, Odessa, Kiev and Yalta. The main factors that attract foreigners' attention to Ukraine are moderate prices, monuments and Ukrainian hospitality. In addition, Ukraine attracts tourists also because EU citizens do not need a visa. Moreover, the low prices can surprise those who are interesting in drinks. Ukraine is famous with its cheap and tasty beer. That’s why, if you want to try cheap but delicious alcohol, you need to visit beautiful and amazing Ukraine.