Your very essential tutorial on how to date Ukrainian women

Men who are interested in international dating, have tried to approach a Ukrainian lady at least once. It’s understandable: they have got all the famous Slavic beauty and family values. There are more dark-eyed girls in Ukraine than in Russia and they wear the short skirts more often, moreover, the climate is much milder than in Russia so it’s definitely a desirable destination for traveling.
But things are never totally positive and it’s better to know about the pitfalls in advance. What should you be aware of?
It’s true that Ukrainian women are very friendly, welcoming and feminine. They usually cook very well and Ukrainian cuisine is more diverse than Russian one. It reminds German cuisine a little bit, because of the popularity of potatoes, meat and cabbage as its main ingredients. Unlike lots of other women on the planet, Ukrainian ladies think it’s their responsibility to feed a man well. They know how to cook the yummiest dish almost from nothing as they used to survive through any economic crisis.
Talking about the crisis, Ukrainians went through the hard times lately with all the political changes, loss of the Crimea that was a big part of Ukrainian business circle, and even war localized in Donetsk. Many people and their working places were affected. The salaries still remain quite small so only big bosses and business owners can allow themselves a higher level of life. All this leads to materialistic thinking of the women as they have a mentality of hospitable hostess whose house is always full with all necessary especially the kitchen and the fridge. The same about a wardrobe: they absolutely cannot stand the shortage of nice clothes as they do care how they look. Even after joining Europe, Ukraine isn’t in hurry to become feministic, boyish, or child-free. Every woman has lots of dresses and high heels that she likes to demonstrate on every occasion. And all of them are absolutely aimed to have kids, even if it’s just a "civil marriage” and not a traditional one.
Accordingly to such thinking, they are over-caring towards those kids they already have, and will do everything to provide them well. Including having a sponsor, which they hope to obtain in a foreign man. It’s better to realize that in advance if you’re going to date a woman with the kid.
Although the scam is possible in Ukraine just like in any country, local women are mostly serious in their search, especially older ones. The girls who want just shopping and expensive meals, are in fact immature and not ready to share the responsibilities, that’s why such a behavior becomes possible. It’s easy to detect a "good girl” though as it’s normally someone hard-working and modest, who stays home to help her parents in evenings instead of partying in the nightclubs. The girls who aren’t in hurry to get something from a man, usually demand more time and patience before getting closer, but it’s rewarding as they make very good wives.
Another problem is that many women are too picky and hesitant in taking a final decision. They don’t live in a real world and keep on pursuing an illusion that a better "prince” will come soon after this one. It’s a consequence of post-Soviet upbringing where sentimental romance was widely cultivated among the minds. It’s hard to give an advice on how to prevent that. If after the considerable attempts you still aren’t appreciated enough, it’s better to move on to another lady.
If you already have friends or acquaintances in Ukraine thanks to your business trips or previous vacations, use this opportunity and ask those people to bring you some serious girl who doesn’t mind to start a real relationship pretty soon. It may be more effective than trying to catch a pie in the sky. If you go to the best local nightclubs, you can also meet real girls there but they will be seeking fun only. Plus, some of them can appear to be professional "bar women” or daters who are interested in your wallet. In this regard, it’s better to make your search through the agency but you should remain very careful and observant. If you see less tricks and more sincere smiles, go on and get your super hot Ukrainian mate.